ACH Payments

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What are ACH Payments?

There are a wide variety of options for depositing into and withdrawing funds from your online casino account. One of the most popular and most convenient options are ACH e-transfer payments. 

ACH payments are one of the most direct ways to get money in and out of your online casino account. They are so incredibly popular amongst online casino customers because they tend to be the fastest way to get money into your account!

What Online Casinos Accept ACH Payments?

ACH payment methods are one of the most widely accepted among online casinos across the country. Also known as e-checks, ACH payments are accepted by most major online casino websites and apps.

Here are just some of the online casinos where ACH payments are accepted:

The bank transfer method provided by ACH payments can only be done within the United States through the Automated Clearing House electronic processing system. You will find that not only are ACH payments widely accepted by online casinos, but also sportsbooks and many other online businesses.

Best Online Casinos That Accept ACH Payment

Online Casino

Minimum Deposit

Minimum Withdrawal

Deposit Processing Time

Withdrawal Processing Time





1-5 Days

Golden Nugget




3-4 Days





3-5 Days





2-5 Days

How to Deposit Using ACH

When you use the ACH payment method for your online casino deposits, you are directly depositing money straight from your bank account electronically. This takes out the middleman meaning there is no third-party verification needed.

ACH transfers are quick, convenient, and often free!

Which Online Casinos Accept ACH?

To deposit money into your online casino account via ACH transfer, all you need to do is input your bank details along with how much money you want to deposit. Here is the rundown of the exact details usually required for an ACH payment:

  • Full Name
  • Indicate Account Type (i.e., personal/business, checking/savings)
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Bank’s Address
  • Account Number
  • Payment Amount

How to Withdraw with ACH

When you are looking to make withdrawals from your online casino account using the ACH or e-Check payment method, you will be asked for the same details required for your deposit.

Thankfully, a lot of online businesses including some online casinos can save your bank details in their system so that you can just pick the same option you have saved in a previous transaction for repeat deposits and withdrawals. 

The only difference in function between ACH deposits and withdrawals is that sometimes withdrawals can take a little longer to transfer before showing up in your bank account. 

Is ACH a Reliable Payment Method for Online Casinos?

ACH transfers go through a clearing house which enforces vital rules and regulations along with keeping your bank account information confidential and secure. This makes ACH transfers an extremely reliable and secure payment method or online casinos!

ACH payments are one of the most secure methods; safer than other electronic methods such as wire transfer. 

How Long Do ACH Deposits Take?

Most ACH deposits into your online casino account will have next to no processing time and transfer instantly. When you create an account with a reputable US online casino, using the ACH method of electronic transfer should allow your funds to show up in your account within mere minutes.

How Long Do ACH Withdrawals Take?

If you’ve hit the jackpot and want to withdraw some of your winnings, ACH withdrawals are still one of the most convenient and secure ways to get that cash into your bank account. However, withdrawals take a little bit longer than deposits.

The processing time is usually somewhere between 1-5 business days before the money shows up in your bank account.