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What is PayNear Me?

PayNearMe is an excellent payment method for online casino customers who prefer making deposits using cash. As the world has progressed towards only debit, credit, and electronic transactions, it can sometimes be hard to know how to put the cash you have just laying around your house to good use. 

With the PayNearMe Cash option with online casinos, you can gather up all that loose cash in your wallet and put it into your casino account for a bit of gambling fun. It’s incredibly simple for players to use and available at a surprising number of online casinos!

What Online Casinos Accept PayNearMe?

The PayNearMe Cash payment method is accepted at a majority of the largest and most popular online casinos in the United States.

This cash depositing method is accepted by 16 out of the top 17 largest online casinos in the U.S. as well as 9 out of 10 of the largest iGaming operators.

Best Online Casinos That Accept PayNearMe

Online Casino

Minimum Deposit

Maximum Deposit

Deposit Processing Time

States Available In




10-30 Minutes





10-30 Minutes


Golden Nugget



10-30 Minutes

NJ, MI, VA, & WV




10-30 Minutes

NJ, PA, WV, & MI




10-30 Minutes


How to Deposit Using PayNearMe

You might assume it’s a difficult process to get cold hard cash into an online account for digital gaming, but it is actually surprisingly simple. 

All you need to do to deposit cash into your account with an online casino that accepts PayNearMe is follow these five easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the payment page on your online casino and click on the PayNearMe Cash option. 
  2. You are likely to see various logos for stores like 7-Eleven, CVS, and Family Dollar on the new page comes up. There should be a place for you to input your zip code to find locations near you.
  3. Input how much you would like to deposit into your casino account, and you will then be given instructions and a barcode. 
  4. This barcode with instructions can either be printed, emailed to you, or texted to you depending on which is most convenient for you!
  5. Go to the local PayNearMe location that you chose with your barcode and instructions. Once there, the cashier will scan the barcode, accept your cash payment, and print you a receipt for your deposit.

Which Online Casinos Accept PayNearMe?

Simple as that! Once you’ve deposited your cash funds, the money should show up in your online casino account shortly after.

How to Withdraw with PayNearMe

Unfortunately, withdrawals are not possible with this cash payment method. It is advised that you use an alternate payment method for withdrawing funds. There will likely be a myriad of other options for you to choose from such as ACH, PayPal, etc.

Even though withdrawals are not possible at this time, PayNearMe has announced plans in 2022 for launching a brand-new payment solution which will integrate several payment methods into one for easy deposits and withdrawals! We will be sure to keep customers updated as more information is given.

Is PayNearMe a Reliable Payment Method for Online Casinos?

PayNearMe is a perfectly reliable and secure payment method for online casino account deposits. You can be sure your cash is safe and secure when using PayNearMe. This payment method is an excellent option for customers who don’t wish to use their bank account for depositing funds.

How Long Do PayNearMe Deposits Take?

Since it is a cash deposit, it is not possible for the funds to appear in your online casino account instantaneously like they might with ACH, but PayNearMe is incredibly fast. Most often your cash funds will show up in your account within only 10 to 30 minutes after making your deposit!

There is usually a small fee charged for cash deposits using PayNearMe. These fees depend upon the online casino that you are depositing funds into but usually range somewhere between $0 and $5.99.

However, according to PayNearMe, nearly 70% of business where PayNearMe is accepted charge no more than $1.99 for their deposit fee.