Virgin Casino Promo Code (NJ)

Get a $100 Cash Refund using promo code 'BESTBONUS10'
Bonus Code BESTBONUS10

Virgin Casino in New Jersey is offering all new customers a $100 refund on all losses in the first 24 hours of play when using promo code ‘BESTBONUS10’. All refunds are paid in real CASH, which can be withdrawn.

Virgin Casino Promo Code: BESTBONUS10

Let’s cut to the chase. There’s only one top Virgin Casino Promo Code. And that’s BESTBONUS10. You can cheerfully lose $100 during your fun-time and get it all back. But, you must use BESTBONUS10 when registering.

Further incredibly dull, but step-by-step and idiot-proof details are below, if you’re in the mood for a long read. The most important thing is you don’t screw it up. Basically, just enter BESTBONUS10 in the promo code box after you sign up for Virgin Casino and you’re golden.

So, ladies and germs, to claim your Virgin Casino sign up offer in New Jersey, just enter the Virgin Online Casino promo code when prompted during registration. Follow these steps below, or you’re screwed:

  1. Visit the Virgin Casino site or app homepage by clicking here
  2. Register your account details (name, address, email)
  3. During the registration process, enter promo code ‘BESTBONUS10’ in the ‘Promotional Code’ box
  4. Make your first real money deposit
  5. Get a 100% refund on losses in your first 24 hours up to $100, paid in cash. Certainly not in twinkies. Cash.
virgin casino promo code

Is It Cool If I Use The Virgin Casino Promo Code?

The Virgin Casino promo code can be used by anyone in New Jersey. As in, you must be in NJ. Not New York. Not Delaware, driving 4 miles per hour and paying $800 in tolls to see… Delaware in all its glory. And it is glorious, isn’t it?

Yeah, so just follow the steps outlined above and enter Virgin Casino NJ promo code ‘BESTBONUS10’ during registration for your new account. In return, you will be given a Cash Refund on any losses incurred during your first 24 hours of gameplay, up to $100.

So, obviously you should definitely run straight to the high-roller slots and go to town. Or not. That would be silly, wouldn’t it?

Hey, so maybe Virgin Casino isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re baffled by the name or perhaps worried. Worried that everyone might suspect you’re a virgin if you play there. But, why? I mean, Steve Carrell was a virgin, at least until 40. I saw the well-received documentary with him in it and he was ABSOLUTELY a virgin. And look at him. Rich, successful, not letting a little sexual inexperience keep him back. Hence and therefore and so on, why should you worry about it, either?

So, if I haven’t put your fears to rest, you can always try other casinos – to see more New Jersey promo codes, just click here. If you’re looking for a bigger deposit match bonus, try WynnBET in NJ.

Virgin Casino New Jersey Promo Code: BESTBONUS10

Virgin Casino Promo CodeBESTBONUS10 – LOCK IT IN!
Welcome Offer$1,000 Deposit Match Bonus
Available StatesNew Jersey
How to ClaimRegister & Deposit & Play!

This Virgin Casino Promo Code – I Get a Free Bet for That?

When you enter Virgin Casino promo code BESTBONUS10 during registration, you will qualify to receive a 100% Cash Refund on any losses incurred in your first 24 hours of online casino gameplay, up to $100.

That’s a really dry way to say, yeah, man, basically. So, that $100 you lose, you get back. That sounds pretty free to me. If you win, you win.

But, since we’re here, let’s really dumb it down. Let’s say you create a new Virgin Online Casino NJ account, make online casino wagers totalling $100 within 24 hours and they lose. Disaster, right? No, certainly not.

Thus, as a new customer who has entered bonus code ‘BESTBONUS10’, you will get $100 back in cash. Similarly, if you make total wagers of $50, you will be given $50 back in cash from Virgin if they lose. Pretty wild, right? This holds true for all SORTS of numbers. Like.. 46. Or 23. Or 7, even. So, you should probably just Click here to get started.

Where Do I Enter the Virgin Casino Promo Code?

First, you get an enormous spotlight. Next, you throw on a stylized emblem of a bat. Then you turn it on and voila! You have a Virgin casino promo code!

Ah. Our mistake. That’s for summoning the Batman. Which you might want to do, I’m sure he’d enjoy playing slots with you. Darkly. SWEAR TO ME! Ha, good times indeed.

But, really. To enter the Virgin Casino promo code, you must visit the Virgin Casino site or app homepage. Once there, click ‘Join Now’ if you have not already been directed to the registration page.

Once you arrive at the Virgin Online Casino account registration page, you must complete a three-step registration process. This is boring. But, oh so simple, and gets you on the road to excitement ever-so-quickly. So,the first stage asks you to create a unique username and password and enter your email address.

So, you should probably do that.

Gigantic Unicorn on a Train

What’s Next? Do I Wanna Know?

You are then required to enter your name, gender, date of birth and the last four digits of your SSN. You weren’t born in 1492, so don’t put that in.

virgin casino nj bonus code

Finally, Virgin Casino will ask registering users to provide a home address, cell phone number and ‘Promotional Code’ and their favorite color. The ‘Promotional Code’ box is where you should enter the Virgin Casino promo code ‘BESTBONUS10’. But, like, super fast. And then you get to claim a Cash Refund on any losses in your first 24 hours of play, up to $100.

As far as your favorite color, don’t go generic. So, everyone says blue. Or green. That’s boring. We live in a world of Sherwin-Williams. You can absolutely pick Mojave Pinky-Avocado Shimmer, if you’d like.

virgin sign up

So, Virgin Online Casino only asks for personal data such as date of birth and the last four digits of your SSN strictly for security and verification purposes. However, this information will remain confidential. Their lips are sealed.

Occasionally, Virgin Casino may ask new players to send a valid photo ID to confirm their identity. However, this is a very straightforward process and can be done in minutes, unless you’re very dense.

Which is fine. You have lots of other fine attributes and I’m sure you’ll make someone a very nice husband or wife some day.

Is the Virgin Casino New Jersey Offer Free?

No. They’ll make you a barter offer. You get a promo code, and they get a romantic, candle-lit evening for two (hundred). I suggest coq au vin, or perhaps a simple pork medallion dish. Although if you’re serving a vast crowd, why not something simple? Pasta, basically.

Of course it’s free. BESTBONUS10 and the bounty you receive forthwith is totally free to use and take advantage of.

As shown in the steps above, all you need to do is enter Virgin Casino offer code BESTBONUS10 into the ‘Promotional Code’ box during the Virgin Casino registration process. As a result, you will be eligible for cash back on any losses incurred in the first 24 hours of online casino play up to $100.

Who is eligible to use the Virgin Casino promo code?

Not pirates. Certainly not pirates. Unless they live in NJ and have ID. Then, pirates are cool. Welcome, pirates!

Virgin Online Casino is currently only available to online casino players in New Jersey. The Virgin Casino NJ bonus code can be used by anyone located with New Jersey state lines and above the age of 21 years old.

Virgin Casino NJ Free Bet Online

Virgin Casino Promo Terms

Terms of service? Terms of Endearment? Flap Horton was so hot. Not as hot as Hansel, though…

Ah, yes. The terms of the promo. Yeah, let’s walk through that, in an exciting and not at all rote fashion.

SO! New patrons of who place the First Deposit of not less than $10 in cash and place a First Wager are eligible to receive either one of the following:

  1. If their Net Loss exceeds 90% of their First Deposit at any time within seven calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash
  2. If their Net Loss does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the conclusion of the seven calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their Net Loss, up to a maximum of $100 in cash

Just click here to enter the Virgin Casino promo code BESTBONUS10 and receive the generous Virgin Casino sign up bonus.

Virgin Casino NJ Bonus Code Details

Virgin Casino Promo Code NJBESTBONUS10
Virgin Casino No Deposit Bonus$30
Virgin Cash Back100% of losses up to $100
Wagering Requirements30X Deposit Amount
Online Casino Game Selection200+ Games

How Long is This Code Available?

Until you walk 500 miles and then you walk 500 more. Just to be the man to walk one thousand miles to get a bomb-ass promo code!

Basically, the Virgin Casino promo code ‘BESTBONUS10’ is available for the foreseeable future.

Casinos often update their new customer offers every few months and will create new promo codes to match. They’re fickle. That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change.

Until then, all new players are eligible to use the Virgin Casino bonus code ‘BESTBONUS10’ and receive a Cash Refund up to $100 on their first 24 hours of playing.

Virgin Casino NJ Free Bet Online

What Devices Can I Play Virgin Casino NJ On?

Let’s play a game. One of these doesn’t belong. Can you pick it out, you salty genius?

  • Virgin Casino Android App
  • Virgin iOS App
  • Desktop Virgin Casino
  • iPad or Tablet
  • Armadillo

Will I Have Any Issues?

You’re good. It’ll be fine. So, no worries, mate.

It is very unlikely that new customers will experience issues either entering the Virgin Casino offer code or receiving the $100 Cash Refund sign up bonus.

However, if you do experience a problem then you can visit the Virgin Casino ‘Help & FAQ’ tab on the left-hand-side of the site or app. This will give you the opportunity to search through the Virgin Casino FAQ section and speak to a member of the customer service team if necessary.

You should absolutely ask them their favorite color. I guarantee it’s Mojave Pinky-Avocado Shimmer.

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